Hotel?  Home? Retreat? B&B? I found the Sacred Valley Retreat and Education B&B through Diana of TravelAndes.  this place that does justice to it.  
It's also like a restaurant, because you can economically eat all meals there, and Avishai is a wonderful cook who uses the products of his garden --
maybe I should say farm -- as much as he can.  Viviana is an outstanding yoga instructor (and a daily lesson is part of the package- - or you can get
more advanced lessons), and Avishai does very interesting body-movement work whose focus is on paying full attention to the present moment.  I was
there for a week, 3 times delaying my departure time.  The immediate area is beautiful; Yucay is a lovely little town, and this is the perfect base for
exploring the Sacred Valley from Cusco to Machu Picchu.  Viviana and Avishai themselves are great people and fun and interesting to get to know, and
when you spend a few days in their home--that's basically what it is -- you also meet a fascinating connection of friends and relatives from the area.  
And it's so peaceful:  after all the stress of getting from the U.S. to Lima to Cusco to here, the anxieties just melted away as soon as I sat down in the
yard and relaxed in the company of two dogs, three sheep, and some cattle, and then two cats jumped into my lap.

David, January 2013
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Everything was very smooth and I enjoyed my visit very much.

I have recommended that Gabriela use your service in the future and will recommend it to other friends.

Thanks again!
Janet, August, 2013

(Attaching one my favorite photos from the hotel in Yucay. It was wonderful!)
In regards to the trip, we are extremely happy with everything. It was more than we could have wished for and was really great in general. We are so
happy we chose Peru for our honeymoon and thank you for dinner! We want to send you a personal thank you card, so if you could, please, send us
your address.
We thought the trip itinerary you planned gave us a greater advantage over other tourist since touring the museums with Tatiana was very informative
in regards to the historical content. In addition, everywhere we stayed was clean and so nice. We were very impressed with them and would go back in
a heartbeat. Our only surprise was the amount of walking we did with Erich and his co-trekker,  Edwardo. We walked something like 50 miles with them
and by the end of each day were exhausted and wanting just to sleep. In retrospect, we are so happy this was the case because we were able to see
so much more, but at the time it felt like a lot of walking. Both guides were supportive, though, and great people. They joined us at the house a few
times for beers even! My only suggestion here would be to reinforce the need to be in shape. Darren did fine hiking up and down the mountains, but
towards the end his knees were done and they gave him a lot of pain. I also found out that I am not as in shape as I had thought--I think I slowed us
down quite a bit. Like I said at the beginning, though, we had so much fun and were able to see so much. The trip was amazing. We weren't aware that
Peru was so rich in history and archeological sites. The whole experience has really sparked a great interest in us and we're hoping to visit more South
American ruins.
Thanks so much, Diana!

Amanda, June 2014
Diana Candia and her team at
Travelandes.com organized a tour of Peru
that truly was the trip of a lifetime. During
the planning phase, Diana patiently
answered many questions and tailored the
itinerary to our interests. We visited Lima,
the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco,
Lake Titicaca and Arequipa. Thanks to
meticulous planning and coordination, we
were met at each location by drivers or
guides who were very professional, timely
and knowledgeable. Also, Travelandes.com
provided a complete list of contacts for
each location that included names,
addresses and phone numbers. Travelers,
novice or experienced, and non- Spanish
speaking tourists would be comfortable in
Peru thanks to the teams commitment to the
traveler.  For me this was the perfect trip
because it was worry free, tailored for two
people, and we were able to avoid taking a large bus tour. Special thanks to Roxana and
our terrific guides Gabriel and Alber who passionately shared their knowledge of
Peruvian history and culture. Paloma at La Casona de Yucay, Bitzaida Saya at the Hostal
Santa Marta in Arequipa, and Sonia all helped make our stay in Peru a great experience.
We look forward to traveling with Travelandes.com again to visit other areas of Peru that
we didnt see this trip.
Elise and Maura
July, 2017

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