Terms & Conditions
    Rates are listed in US dollars and include all taxes.
    Tour rates are per person unless specified differently.
    Bed & breakfast and family lodging rates are per person per room per night.
    Hotel rates are per room per night.
    Prices are subject to change without previous notice.
    Confirmation for the service(s) requested will be sent via e-mail including the itinerary, dates, tips, preliminary information, and any specific
    cancellation conditions which could apply.
    Cancellations made two weeks prior to a reservation date will receive a full refund.
    Cancellations made less than two weeks before a reservation date will receive a partial refund depending on the service. You will be notified.
    Modifications can be made two weeks prior to a reservation date for no additional fees.
    Modifications made less than two weeks prior to reservation date may incur in additional fees depending on the service.  You will be notified.
    - There is no refund for Inka Trail deposit fee.
    - Once deposit fee has been received for the Inka Trail, the reservation date and the number of spaces reserved can not be modified.
    - Refunds for airline, bus, and train tickets are subject to the companies' refund policies.
    In order to assure a space on the Inka Trail you may pay a non-refundable deposit of half the total price at any time prior to two weeks
    before your reservation date and pay the remaining amount of the total price at least two weeks prior to your reservation date.
    Once you have paid for the Inka Trail, whether in full or only the deposit, no refunds are available for cancellations done less than two weeks
    prior to the reservation date. If you are in Peru at the moment of cancellation you will receive your entrance tickets to the Inka Trail and to
    Machu Picchu.
    Inka Trail deposit fee of half the total price is non-refundable at any time. Remaining amount is refundable if service is cancelled two weeks
    prior to the reservation date or before.
    Remaining amount can be used as a deposit for a new reservation in case of modification if done at least two weeks prior to the previous
    reservation date and if there are spaces available on the new requested date.
    A space on the Inka Trail for a specific date can only be guaranteed once the deposit or the full price amount has been received.
    Availability on the Inka Trail may change during payment transaction time. If this should occur we will notify you immediately and reserve
    spaces on another date of your choice or give you a full refund if you decide to cancel before another reservation is made.
    Spaces on the Inka Trail fill up quickly, we recommend making reservations at least two months in advance.
    Last minute reservations are welcome if spaces are available. However, there are no refunds if cancellations or modifications are made.  
    TravelAndes is not responsible for:
  • Passport, visa, and health requirements a passenger must meet in order to travel to Peru.
  • Illnesses, physical or mental impediments which may disturb the health or integrity of the passenger(s) or others when our services are
    being provided.
  • Airline itinerary changes:
    - Last minute changes made by the airline.
    - Should you miss your flight or make any changes in your flight schedules, you will be subject to airline
  • Weather conditions which may impede services.  
  • Incorrect information you may have received from a third party regarding our services.
  • Events which may take place and are out of our control.

    Last minute bookings are accepted if space is available.
    Purchasing travel insurance is recommended, but not required.
Machu Picchu
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