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This  picturesque  town  located  at  the  entrance  of  the  
Sacred  Valley  of  the Incas is made up of a blend of mestizo
and colonial architecture.  Founded  during  the reign of
Viceroy Francisco de Toledo, the town has both western and
native features that make it an distinctive town of the region.

Pisaq Arts and Crafts Market:
Here  merchants  sell  handicrafts, the  most important of which
are textiles and ceramic  goods, such  as  ceremonial  cups  
called “qeros,” plates,  ashtrays, necklaces and replicas of pre-
Hispanic pottery. They also sell ponchos, sweaters and bags.  
On Sundays, there is a traditional mass held in Quechua,
which is attended by the Varayoc or village leaders from the
surrounding communities.

Pisaq Archaeological Complex:
Located  a  few  kilometers  from  the  mestizo  town  of  Pisac,  
one  can  find  the remains of this pre-Columbian settlement.
These remains  take  up  an  entire mountain and are divided
into different zones, the main one being the Intiwatana, which
is admired for the architectural skill with which its constructions
were built. At the same time, the pre-Hispanic cemetery is also
of great interest, as it  is  the  largest  found  in  this  part  of  
the  continent.  The  complex  is  also  famous  for the terraces
that circle the mountains and the watchtowers, which were
used as observation points.

The  fortress  of  Ollantaytambo  was  a  gigantic  agricultural,  
administrative,  social,  religious  and  military  center in the era
of the Tahuantinsuyo.   One  can  still  see  the  distinctly  pre-
Hispanic  architectural  style  of  its   narrow   streets  and  
plazas  as  well  as trapezoidal shaped temple and palace

Located at the foot of the majestic snow-capped peak
mountain Chicon, this town is considered the Heart of the
Sacred Valley.  It is also  known  as  the “Pearl of the Vilcanota
River,”  because  the river passes through it.  With a beautiful
countryside and a typically warm climate,  Urubamba has  
many possibilities  for tourist activities, especially adventure
tourism. During the rainy season, there is an abundance of
seasonal fruit. This area was also a pre-Hispanic agricultural

A former Inca agricultural complex, the current town of
Chinchero is a blend of Andean and Hispanic architecture and
is also home to a unique archaeological complex made up of
the remains of unique buildings, places of worship, and
terraces for growing crops.
Sacred Valley
Sacred Valley of the Incas - 1 day tour

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