It is easy to see all the splendor of Machupicchu.
This ancient city of the Incas situated approximately
at a distance of 130 kilometers (81 miles) from
Cusco and 2,400 meters above sea level (7,874.02
feet), survived the Spanish colonization.  Situated
in a practically inaccessible location, in a corner of
high Andean mountains, it remained isolated.  More
than 150 archeological ruins (from homes to
religious centers) can still be distinguished.
Machupicchu was possibly built during Inca
Pachacutec´s reign as an entrance to the jungle or
Antisuyo.  Its precise use still holds a question
mark.  Diverse hypothesis state that it might have
been used for ceremonial reasons, as a fort to
guard against the attacks of the Antis, or as a
residential rest area for the Inca.  What is certain is
that this site has the characteristics of a fortress
being located on top of a mountain, far from the
view of possible intruders, and having a not so
easy access.
Machu Picchu
The majestic Inca citadel
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