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If you are traveling to Peru, don't miss out on visiting
Lima. Peru's largest city.  It was founded in 1535
with the name of "Ciudad de Reyes" (City of Kings).  
When Peru became independent from Spain in
1821, it became Peru's capital city. Lima's friendly
people, important historical sites, interesting
museums, and various dining and entertainment
establishments make this city a remarkable attraction.
Hellen Huerta
Lima Host

Meet Hellen, she will be your host in Lima.  She will be there to pick
you up from the airport, take you to your lodge and assist you with
your tours of the city and activities.  Hellen enjoys meeting people
from all over the world and has traveled extensively all over Peru and
to other countries.  She lived in Mexico for 5 years and has visited
Brazil, Israel and Australia.
Plaza Mayor
Welcome to Lima!