Plaza de Armas
Times         :  1:30 - 7:00 PM
Availability  :  Daily
Includes      : Transportation, bilingual guide, entrance to
Cathedral and Qoricancha,
Tourist Ticket
The tourist ticket gives you access to the other sites on this
tour.  It is valid for ten days and can also be used to visit the
archeological sites in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
Tour Type: pool or private
a pool tour is shared between various travelers, can be up to
30 people.
Cusco City Tour

PLAZA DE ARMAS,  or  Cusco´s  Main Square.  This is the
heart of Cusco, made up of impressive churches,  the  
Cathedral  and  La  Compañia  de Jesus, and colonial buildings.

QORIKANCHA,   meaning    'field    of    gold'   in Quechua,  
the  Incas   used   this  building  as their 'Temple  of  the  Sun'.  
Here one can also  find  the temple and convent of Santo
Domingo built by the Spaniards.

THE CATHEDRAL, a  place  where  you  will be able  to  
appreciate  architecture  and  art  from the renaissance    era    
including    some   impressive decorations with silver and gold

SACSAYHUAMAN,    this    archeological    site overlooking   
Cusco   was   once   a   fortress   and contains incredible
stones as tall as 9 meters high and 5 meters wide, and
weighing as much as 300 tons.

QENQO, is  made  up  of ruins that were built in a zigzag
shape.    Here    one    can   observe    ceremonial channels
carved out of stone.

PUCA PUCARA,  is located  at  a 6 km distance from   
Cusco.     This     arheological      site      had administrative
and military functions.

TAMBOMACHAY,  most  commonly  known  as the  Inca´s  
baths,  it´s  considered   an   important place   to   honor  
water,  it  has  impressive  water canals.

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Plaza de Armas - Cusco Main Square
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