Travel Andes  is  a  small  family business in Cusco that started in the year 2000.  Over  the  years, we have planned, organized and overseen
many journeys to Peru.  We  are  always  delighted  to  help  others  experience  Peruvian  culture and history up close.  As travelers  and  lovers  
of culture ourselves, we strongly encourage you  to  be adventurous and travel to Peru.  It  will be  an experience that you will never forget!
About Us
About Our Services:
The services we offer are affordable, safe and reliable.  We  arrange  sightseeing tours, provide  accommodation, coordinate  airport  
transportation,  and  book  airline  and bus tickets in Peru.  In  addition, we offer quality Spanish classes in the City of Cusco or in Urubamba, a
town located in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Above all,  we  strive  to  share  with  our  guests  the  marvelous  wonders of Peru; its friendly  people,  its  amazing culture; and  most  of all, its
magnificent history.  We put you  in direct contact with Peruvian people so you can experience Peruvian culture and life up close.  

Our  services  will  many times be off the beaten path and with us your experiences will always be authentic.  Our service is personalized, meaning
that we strive to meet each individual interest or need that you may have.  Our goal is to make sure our guests are always satisfied and well
Our Vision:
Our vision is to continue growing as a dependable travel service provider for Peru.  We also  seek  to  develop  more  innovative  travel  
experiences  for our guests promoting Peruvian heritage and culture.
Our Mission:
Our mission is to make traveling to Peru an effortless, worry-free experience for our guests.   We facilitate safe, reliable, affordable, and fun trips to
Peru; taking care of all the details so, you don’t have to.  We also foster a sense of community with our guests, aiming for you and yours to choose
to be our guests for life.
Let me tell you a bit about myself, and how I can help you have a perfect
time in Cusco, Peru. Cusco is my hometown, and as a local I know both the
tourist attractions as well as other interesting sites that may not commonly
be mentioned in travel books or on the internet.   I can definitely take you
off the beaten path and show you another more “real” side of Cusco.  
Whether you are interested in the urban or in the rural, in art or in history,
in visiting museums or going to dance clubs; I can personally give you the
most thorough, informative, and exciting tour of the city and all its
surrounding areas in English or in Spanish.

In general, the sites included in private tours include Machupicchu, the
Sacred Valley of the Incas, and the City of Cusco.  We can visit these places
in a time span of a week up to a time span of a month, depending on how
much you want to see, learn and experience.

I can cater to large groups, such as university groups, youth groups,
families, etc.

If you live in the Vancouver - Canada, or Seattle - US area, we could meet in
person and talk there before your trip.   If you live somewhere else, I would
be glad to call you.

Private Services

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Machu Picchu
The majestic Inca citadel
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