Machu Picchu
The majestic Inca citadel
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cultures and different ways of thinking because this
helps me to appreciate the differences I find in
people everywhere.   The Spanish school in
university classes, the teachers were very
knowledgeable.  Though, traveling in developing
countries can be quite an adventure at times, I felt
for the amount of distance we covered and places
we visited we had very little trouble, which was
amazing.  I have traveled to India and to South
America before, however during this experience in
Peru I was able to obtain a more holistic view of a
country. The people I met, like the jungle tribes in
the Amazon of the north, the city dwellers in Lima
and the Quechua people in the Andes all gave me a
broader view of the country of Peru.  Also my
exposure to the language helped me develop my
Spanish skills.  All in all, I would encourage other
people no matter what their position in life, to have
a similar adventure.
Washington, USA
July 2007
Geneva and Becky in Chinchero
Our time in Cusco and Peru was amazing and absolutely unforgettable,
place to stay in the heart of Cusco, Diana helped us long before our trip
even started by organizing everything! Our stay in Lima, Inca Trail trip,
an excursion to a rainforest lodge in Puerto Maldonado, and many trips
Cusco is a beautiful city, and we enjoyed its history and culture, food,
and markets. We also visited the Sacsayhuaman ruins on horseback,
trail to Macchu Picchu, visiting more ruins along the way, and highly
recommend it. The tour agency took very good care of us. Our
experience in the rainforest was a nice change from the Inca trail! We
relaxed in a jungle lodge in hot, tropical weather and were able to see
lots of exotic animals such as caimans, tropical birds, and monkeys! We
even swam in a lake filled with pirhanas and caimans, although we
stayed on the "safe" side of the lake.
We were able to experience much of what Peru has to offer at a relaxed
pace during our 20-day trip. Thank you, Diana, for helping us experience
Cusco the local Peruvian way! We would not have had such a perfect
time in Peru without you.
Deepa and Kai
Nepal and Hawaii
January 2006
Deepa and Kai in Machu Picchu
Clic here to check out Deepa´s and Kai´s jungle pictures
here to check out Deepa´s and Kai´s Sacsayhuman and Pisac pictures.
I experienced a formidable time in Cusco.  It's a wonderful
and surprising city; walk through its streets, visit
monuments, go shopping, taste its food, go out of the city to
its surrounding areas; this is what I did during the time I
stayed there, and that was too short to enjoy everything it
has to offer.
I stayed at Diana's; everything went well, from the greetings
at the airport until our goodbyes.
During this time she helped me to discover her city, her
culture and she offered me a variety of activities, one of
which was a week in Urubamba, which is a town in the Sacred
Sev at the Chinchero Sunday Market
afternoons, Juan, my guide, helped me to discover the
Sacred Valley (Pisac, Moray, etc.).  It was an experience that I
will never forget, like all the ones I lived through on this trip
Thank you very much Travelandes for organizing my trip in a
way that for me was perfect, from both the housing and
cultural point of views ;-)
August 2005
Sev horse-backriding in Sacsayhuaman
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